Use The LOC Method For Dry Hair That Is Not Retaining Length

I have used the LOC method on and off over my five-year stint of being natural but recently I have been very consistent about it. If you do not know what the LOC method is, let me remind you.

LOC is an acronym for Liquid, Oil, and Cream and it represents the order in which you would layer your products on the length of your hair to keep it moisturized.

The LOC method was coined by YouTuber Blackonyx a few years ago when she herself struggled with dry hair and found the only solution that would keep her kinky hair happy.

Blackonyx is now the CEO of Alikay Naturals which she is most known for today. With that said, why does the LOC method work and how can you incorporate it so that you retain the length you gain?

The problem with dry hair

If you have dry hair not only does it feel uncomfortable and unnatural for your hair to feel this way, but dry hair can lead to less hair growth retention.

If you know that your hair is growing but you cannot see the length you are achieving it typically means that your hair is breaking off at some point due to stress.

Dry and brittle hair breaks easily, sheds easily and tangles easily all of which are not great for healthy growing hair. The solution is to get enough moisture in your hair to last until the next time you moisturize or your next wash day.

How to do the LOC method 

If you are moisturizing your hair mid week and want to try the LOC method you will need a liquid which can be anything from plain water to Aloe Vera juice and water, to your favorite leave in conditioner.

You will need an oil which can be any oil you choose or an oil mix that you use regularly. The third product is a cream which can be any product that is creamy in texture and that is able to spread easily on your strands.

Follow these steps:

1. Section your hair into workable sections

2. Working section by section spray your hair with the liquid, then coat the section with your oil, then do the same thing with your cream.

3. Twist the section when you are done

Make sure to focus on your ends especially if they feel very dry and do not hesitate to use this method everytime you are moisturizing your hair.

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