The Importance of Trims for Hair Growth

So many people are guilty of trying to “hold on to their length” and in this they often avoid getting hair trims. What some might not know is that by avoiding trims they are hindering hair growth more than helping it.

The ends of our strands are the oldest, most brittle part of our hair. At the tips is where split ends are birthed as a result of harm to the strand. This can be caused by anything from coloring, heat, or even brushing. The split can travel up the strand resulting in a dull, dry appearance and thinning.

In efforts to avoid harming newly grown healthy hair, you will want to stop these splits in its tracks. The only way recover from this start is to clip these right at the fork. Regularly trimming can help to avoid cutting off many inches at a time and helps to ensure noticeable hair growth in the future.

So how often should you get your hair trimmed?

For most, a good rule of thumb is every 4 to 6 weeks. Some opt to go longer and trim once ever couple of months.

If you do not go to the salon to get a professional trim, you can easily trim at home by twisting or braiding your hair and cutting at the point of demarcation, or where you see your hair start to taper into a point.

In addition to healthy hair growth, you will notice that your hairstyles come out a bit more sleek and cleaner.

So the next time you think about avoiding a hair trim in efforts to hold on to length, think about the fact that you’re causing more harm than good which can result in you having to chop off a great deal down the road.

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