Scalp Massages And Hair Growth

Scalp massages and hair growth are often contained within the same sentence. Most don’t think twice about it because who can pass up a good massage?!

When going to the salon, I would love getting my hair shampooed because it felt sooo good when she massaged my scalp. Little did I know that she was actually, in fact, helping to boost my hair growth!

Scalp massages are fundamental in increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Our strands of hair grow out of the hair follicles that contain a dermal papilla at the bottom. These small nipple-like structures at the base are responsible for fueling and feeding our hair.

The blood vessels specifically within the dermal papilla nourish the hair follicles and bring nutrients and oxygen to the cells that divide and produce hair.

This is where scalp massages come in. When we increase blood circulation we are activating the blood vessels and allow more blood to flow.

Studies have shown that more blood equals more activity, therefore, more hair growth!

You can complete these massages on a daily basis.

The easiest way to incorporate it into your daily routine is by oiling your scalp. Take a little essential oil and gently rub using you the balls of your fingertips. It is important that you do not use your fingernails as you do not want to damage your scalp and cause more harm than good.

Not only will this practice help out with boosting hair growth naturally, it is also a great way to take a moment to exhale and release the stresses of the day.

For those who suffer from tension alopecia or a bit of hair thinning around their edges, it’s recommended to take Jamaican Black Castor Oil and show a little T.L.C. to these areas about twice a day.

And as always when you shampoo or co-wash be sure to take a little extra time to massage your scalp. Not only are you ensuring you are properly clarifying, you are helping your journey to long healthy hair!

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