Quality Extensions Will Never Replace Your Own Healthy Hair

A woman with glamorous extensions will be quick to tell you that it is her hair …. because she purchased it! The quality of weave hair has improved dramatically over the years, there are techniques that not only make the hair look exactly like your own, there are also techniques that make installation not only much easier but once installation is done, the average eye cant tell the difference between what is yours and what is store bought.

We can understand the value of the purchase and the value of weaves over all. The women who work in Hollywood will tell you daily that weaves have pretty much saved their own hair from over manipulation and potential heat damage that would otherwise have been applied to their own hair.

Realistically if you like to change your hair a lot in terms of style and color, extensions can allow for that freedom more than your own hair can so it has some practical use based on your own needs and lifestyle.

With that said, no one is here to bash weave killas, we understand its place in hair care and in the lives of many women but the point we want to bring across is the thought that all women, no matter how long or thick and gorgeous their weave is will always prefer long healthy hair of their own.

Hollywood Hair

We like to draw on Hollywood as perfect examples for various things because celebrities are the most studied and observed group in society and though they may have an above average financial status, at the end of the day they are still people and their behaviors and needs are still human.

Very often on Instagram, you will see celebrity women post pictures of their real hair with captions that say #longhairdontcare #allmine #noweave #allnatural. They are proud of their own hair, they love the fact that what is real about them is thriving despite the fact that we only ever see them with extensions or wigs. They know that these accessories are physical enhancements of themselves but are just that, enhancements and not real.

Like them, the average woman is proud of her own hair. She loves that her real hair can be grown to various lengths, there is truth to the fact that her hair is her Crown and Glory and she takes pride in it because at the end of the day we all yearn for our own truths and that includes physical things like hair.

There is another side of the coin to consider, there are women out there who have made the bad decision to not care about there own hair and use weaves and wigs as a crutch.

They would never be caught dead without a wig, or a weave and they readily change the subject when asked about their own hair. They will go as far as to try to convince themselves that what their hair is doing doesn’t matter because they have the perfect accessory to fix it. The thing is, that short term fix won’t last forever and here is why.

Patterns Of Behavior

Human behavior is a funny thing, no matter how different we are there are certain things that we humans have in common that allow for what scientists may call patterns of behavior. The human body does not support ‘lack of concern’ for its parts because we have a crutch or a replacement for it.

In other words whether you have the most expensive weave or wig on the planet if you are not nurturing your own hair your mind will find a way to make you face the fact that you need to do what it takes to preserve what is truly yours and not what you purchased on a website with free express shipping.

What Does It All Mean?

For some women preservation of their own hair is a given, they do not have to be forced to make that decision due to deteriorating strands and scalps. Whether you wear a weave all the time or you don’t, everyone wants to see their own hair healthy and growing and if you had the choice you would ultimately prefer your own hair to flourish rather than buy more weave.

This means that there is a place for expert hair care, nutritional supplements and hair care conversation. This stuff isn’t going anywhere because everyone needs it, from Beyonce who never shows her real hair to you who is considering turning your back on your hair due to frustration.

Healthy hair care practices were here before you made your weave purchase and will be here a long time after because at some point you will remove those extensions and face the reality of your actual hair.

Women will always prefer healthy long hair of their own over anything that is supposed to replace it temporarily so buy the weave and have a little fun with it, but do not forget to nurture your own strands. Do whatever it takes to care for your hair and if you have length goals then do what it takes to get there as well.

Weaves and wigs should be tools used for the greater good rather than crutches used as a means to overshadow it. Even if you don’t agree with me today, you will at some point!

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