How To Retain Length During The Dry Winter Months

If you have ever found yourself losing length during the colder periods of the hair due to extreme dryness then this post is for you.

Dry hair can be detrimental to your goals of retaining length because not only does it cause your hair to feel brittle but it can cause some serious breakage as well.

Here are 3 things you need to focus on during the colder months to preserve the moisture in your hair:

1. Deep condition using oil

Now is a great time to pull out those oils that can nourish the hair during the colder months. Choose oils that are healthy for your hair and strands and that also promote hair growth. Add your oils to your regular conditioners for 20 minute steaming and deep conditioning sessions weekly. You can also use your oils as for hot oil treatments as well.

For instance, if you have already purchased your set of Elongtress Oils, just pick your favorite scent and spray your hair liberally. Cover with a plastic cap and add a heat source for maximum penetration. The oils will nourish your strands and your scalp as well.

2. Protective style 90% of the time

I am being very generous with that 10% because honestly protective styling almost all of the time is the best way to retain all the length you gain. Your styles should protect the ends of your hair keeping them safe from wear and tear.

Protective styling also keeps your strands safe from the harsh Winter air, so tuck those ends in as much as you can.

3. Moisturize often

Even though you deep condition depending on where you live, you might still struggle with maintaining the moisture in your hair.

If your hair needs moisture do not hesitate to give it as much as it needs. Some women moisturize and twist nightly, others just do it when it is necessary. Moisturize your hair according to your hair’s needs!

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