Four Ways To Save Your Ends From Breakage, Splits And Damage

If you have ever been taught anything in your hair care practice you will always hear, protect your ends because they are the oldest portions of your hair.

There is a lot of truth to that statement if you look at your ends they tend to be the most vulnerable to the environment to hair care practices and to everything that we subject our hair too.

Here are 4 ways to save your very fragile ends from breaking

1. Trim them

To maintain healthy ends you want to get rid of any thin pieces that might cause even more breakage in the future. Get a professional trim to get rid of splits and knots and start fresh with caring for them.

2. Moisturize them

Moisturizing your ends means concentrating product on the ends of your hair so that they can be moisturized and have slip preventing knots and splits.

Spray your ends liberally when refreshing your hair making sure they feel supple afterward.

3. Seal with a heavy oil

Sealing your ends after you moisturize them is a great way to help your hair maintain the moisture you give it and give your hair, even more, slip than you can ever imagine.

Use your favorite oil and focus on your ends when applying it making sure to coat every single strand so that they can all benefit from the product. Our Elongtress Fancy oils are perfect for sealing hair.

4. Cover your ends

Finally, cover and tuck your ends as much as you can. The truth is, the environment can cause a ton of damage to your hair as they rub on your clothing, whip in the wind or even get tugged and pulled by random things we deal with on a daily basis.

The more care you give your ends the more length you will retain as you grow your hair out!

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