A Quick Look At the Cycle of Hair Growth

With a focus on hair growth, it is important for us to have an understanding of the biological processes behind it and what our hair actually goes through. For example, so many people cringe at the thought of shedding, but you should know that this is actually something that is completely normal. Shedding is a natural part of the hair growth cycle.

Let’s take a look at the distinct cycle hair growth follows:


The first phase of hair growth is the anagen phase, which is also referred to as the active growth phase. Here is where the strand grows outward from the papilla, or hair follicle, due to constant cell division.

This phase can occur anywhere from two to six years but the actual length is dependent upon genetics.


Next, is the catagen phase. This phase is where the hair follicle essentially begin to draw up and cut off any blood supply further fueling the hair strand.

This phase lasts about two weeks where it is preparing for the resting phase.


Last, is the telogen phase where the hair is at a resting state. It is here where there is no more hair growth and it is slowly preparing to shed.

The follicle will remain dormant from anywhere between one to 4 months.At the end of this phase, the hair will naturally free itself from the follicle and shed.

It is said that 10 – 15% of our hair strands are in this state at any given time

Because the average human head has about ~100,000 follicles our hair is constantly in multiple states at a time.

Your hair will be growing at a constant rate while others are shedding at the same time. So don’t be alarmed and think that all your hair care and hard work is for nothing.

Your hair is growing!

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