5 Reasons Trimming Can Lead To More Length Retention And Healthier Hair

We know women who have gone years without trimming their ends and by the time they finally get around to it, they end up cutting over three to four inches off.

The results of no trimming are typically split, knotted, tangly ends that serve no purpose on your head. In this post I wanted to give you 5 simple reasons you should trim your ends without batting an eye:

1. Less breakage

When you get rid of split ends you reduce the overall tendency of your hair to split and break at critical points in the strand. Over time this reduces damage and you retain more length

2. You retain more length

If your ends are healthy you will retain more length because you won’t have to cut off inches of hair when there is a problem. Trim often, to reduce the split ends and cut off less everytime you trim. Your hair will grow at the same rate that it usually does which will give you the edge on growing healthy hair from root to tip.

3. Your styles will be gorgeous

If you trim your hair your will see the difference when you style your hair, your curls will clump better, your twist outs will be smoother, your wash and gos will look amazing and your heat styles will be very sharp.

4. Detangling is no longer an issue

If you need a trim you will notice little balls of hair bottled up at the ends of your hair when you detangle. These knots and tangles will only get worse over time as shed hair become mixed in with thin straggly hair. The answer is simple! Just cut it!

5. Thick hair

Get rid of thinning ends and knots and you will give your hair a fuller look. You will notice that your hair will start to lift and just look amazingly healthy.

If you are struggling with retaining length try starting your healthy hair journey with a trim, it can help!

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