4 Ways To Use Your Oil Mix To Promote Hair Growth

Many of us are always on the hunt for the latest concoction that will help us meet our hair growth goals. The cool thing about the planet we live on is that it produces things that can literally support and enhance or physical body including our hair.

We have always been a curious species extracting oils and using nature to give us the best shot at remaining healthy. I like to think of a growth oil mix as a convenient culmination of plant-based oils that can be used to enhance what your scalp and body naturally do.

The question is how do you use it to get the best out of your mix?

1. Scalp massages

The reason we massage our scalps with healthy oils is because they attract blood flow to your follicles and with the blood comes oxygen and healthy minerals and vitamins from your food that feeds your hair follicles.

With that said when you first purchase your growth oil remember to get in healthy vitamins and minerals that will feed your scalp and double the growth you already have.

2. Hot oil treatments

There is nothing like an awesome hot oil treatment and if you have an oil mix this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to one.

All you have to do coat your hair with your oils, cover with a plastic cap and use a heating device to heat your hair up. Do this for about 30 minutes then shampoo and condition as normal. Hot oil treatments lead to increased circulation to the scalp and penetration of the oils into the hair shaft.

3. Add to your deep conditioners

If you want to enhance your deep conditioners or even your regular conditioner, add your growth oil to the mix to take your conditioner to the next level.

Add your enhanced conditioner to your hair and deep condition as normal. Your enhanced deep conditioner mix will moisturise your hair, strengthen your strands preserving your growing strands.

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