4 Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Hair Growth Challenge

Whether you have challenged yourself or you are a part of a group of people who are on a challenge there are some general things you need to keep in mind as you pursue your goal.

Growth challenges can be awesome because they force you to take a critical look at your regimen and you are more focused on your end result.

Your mindset is already on winning and achievement which is the best time to make sure you get everything right. Here are 4 tips you can use to get the most out of your hair growth challenge.

1. Take accurate measurements

It is important to write everything down adding pictures where necessary and taking accurate measurements at the start of the challenge.

When the challenge is over you will be 100% grateful that you have detailed data to compare your progression from the start of the challenge to when the challenge ends

2. Protective style

The challenge may call for protective styling and if it does you should absolutely take that very seriously. Protect your ends as much as you can using braids, twists or any other protective style that does not expose your ends. Next to hair care this is the best way to ensure success at the end of the challenge!

3. Keep Your scalp clean

If you plan to keep your hair tucked away for an extended period of time, there is no reason your scalp should have to suffer. Use the witch hazel trick to clean your scalp! Using a cotton swab or cotton ball soak with witch hazel and clean your scalp removing any buildup or excessive oils.

4. Stay healthy

Use your challenge as a means to get healthy yourself after all hair growth starts on the inside. Drink a green juice every morning, and amp up your workouts to get the blood flowing to your scalp. The healthier you are the more your hair will grow.

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