3 Ways to Track Hair Growth

Ever stare at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out how much your hair has grown? Yeah, me neither.

Truth is, looking at your hair day after day you might not notice much change as hair growth is a subtle and lengthy process. Patience and consistency are key.

However, if you wanted to track how much your hair has in fact grown there are many methods and tools out there to utilize. Here are 3 in particular:

1. Growth T-shirt

I’m sure you’ve seen these length check t-shirts floating around. These simple T-shirts with lines and numbers to clearly measure and see how long your hair has grown are great!

Most people opt to straighten their hair first in order to see the exact length. Through use of photography you can track your hair month by month or however frequently you straighten it and see your progress.

2. Photos

I briefly mentioned above how photography is great for tracking. Apart from using a charted shirt, you can simply look back at old photos of your hair whether your natural or relaxed.

I personally love to look at photos a year or even months ago. I can easily see the progress of my hair health and growth that I wouldn’t have noticed by just looking in the mirror.

3. Hair Color

Another fun way to track hair growth is through color grow out. Because the ombre trend is still in, growing out your color isn’t tacky, instead it adds a fun alternative look.

When I first went natural I decided to add a splash of blonde root to tip in the front of my head. I decided not to touch up the color and seeing that clear line of demarcation as it started to grow out allowed me to keep up with the progress!

What measures do you take to track the progress of your hair growth?

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