3 Simple Tips to Prevent Hair Loss for Children

We all know how vital it is to keep our children’s hair healthy in order to get positive long-term results. If you focus on hair health while they’re young, it’s possible that the trend will continue with them throughout their lifetime.

However, some parents are guilty of not using the utmost optimal hair care practices due to laziness or just being too busy to show the extra care.

If this applies to you, here are 3 simple tips to follow to help prevent hair loss in children.

1. Avoid cotton 

As adults, we are accustomed to sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase and not sleeping solely on a cotton pillowcase. Why don’t we implement this same rule for our children?

If you don’t want to go as far as tying up your child’s hair each night, opt to have them sleep on a satin pillowcase. This will ensure that their hair is not drying out or being damaged by the rubbing on harsh cotton.

2. Reduce Manipulation

Next, it is important to reduce manipulation of your child’s hair. This applies to not to over combing or over washing their hair. You do not want to encourage drying or further breakage by the repetition of these actions.

This is especially vital for babies. I know it’s tempting, but just as their scalps are sensitive their hair is too.

3. Ensure Style Variation

Lastly, ensure that you are completing a variety of styles when it comes to styling their hair. I know that ponytails is the number one hairstyle when it comes to little girls.

Note that if you are constantly styling her hair in the exact same way day after day it can introduce traction alopecia and you will begin to notice thinning in certain areas of their hair.

If you don’t wish to part with ponytails, make sure that you are parting in different areas of her hair so that the repetition of the style isn’t harming her hair.

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