3 Basic Things You Should Never Take For Granted While On Your Hair Growth Journey

Most of us have been on a growth journey at least once in our life and if you are like me you are probably on one right now.

If you are not familiar with what makes your hair tic it is important to at least know the basics of what your hair needs to grow to its best potential. Here are 3 basic things you should be considering on your growth journey.

What you eat and drink

Your body functions as a whole and its sole purpose is self-preservation! This means that if one part of your body isn’t functioning well, all the resources your body has to treat that ailment will be dedicated to that problem. Any nutrients that should be allocated to hair and nails gets re-shifted if the body deems it necessary.

The more healthy food and water you take in helps the body to remain at the highest point of functionality including great healthy hair growth.

Protective Styles

I have seen the most retention I have ever seen this year with my strict protective style regimen. Protecting your ends from the hard environment and from over manipulation helps your hair retain more length than if you were practicing your regular hair care routines. Braids, twists, buns are all great protective styles that you can try long term.


Caring for your hair on schedule doing the same thing that worked for you the first time, every time is what will give you the best results. Deep conditioning weekly without fail, taking your vitamins, eating well, and scalp massages are all examples of things you must remain consistent with when on a growth journey.

The more consistent you are the better your results over time so never take a week of missing something in your regimen for granted.

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