3 Bad Habits To Avoid When Growing Your Hair

Healthy hair growth is a goal of many women out there. Not only do we want to grow our strands long, we want to be able to retain our healthy strands so that all of our hard work hasn’t been for nothing. Hair care and what we put in our body plays a major key in all of this, but in addition, our hair growth is also dependent on ensuring that we let go of any bad habits that could be stunting growth.

Here you will find, what I like to call, the 3 T’s of bad habits we must let go of if we want to grow our hair long.


Recently, many hair stylist have been expressing the importance of avoiding tension related styles that can cause hair thinning or loss around the edges of our hair. This is called tension alopecia. Try to refrain from wearing your hair constantly pulled back in a bun or frequent styles where your hair is being pulled into braids for a style, such as box braids and sew ins. The constant pulling can cause breakage and ultimately lead to permanently thinning due to stress on the hair cuticle.


I know it’s tempting to constantly touch your hair when trying to style or correct unkempt strands during the day, but it’s important to keep this at a minimum. This is called over grooming, and not only will touching cause frizz, it can increase unwanted breakage.

Trimming Avoidance

Lastly, for those who like to hold on to their strands no matter what and avoid trims at all cost, you’re in fact stunting your growth even more. Split ends can form and travel up the strands further damaging the hair. You’ll want to nip these in the bud, literally, to have healthy flowing hair all over.

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